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Need a partner who can help your company achieve ISO accreditation? Need a team that understands the importance of timely delivery and Return on Investment (ROI)? Foundation for Policy and Governance, (FPG), has a team of seasoned professionals ready to assist. We are a friendly and approachable company with over 30 years of experience in planning, developing and implementing management systems. FPG’s experience spans a wide range of industries across the public and private sectors. FPG’s audit and certification programs are tailored to meet your needs. FPG consultants assist organizations in the development and implementation of management system programs based on the ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, and 20000 standards.


FPG is an experienced and certified provider of ISO audit and certification services. We understand the importance of quality, service, reliability, and impartiality in the delivery of our services. We manage Conflict of Interest (COI) through a careful risk management process that, together with other processes we have in place, support the objectivity of our ISO certification and audit services.


FPG provides you with an accurate picture of where you are in your improvement journey. Without knowing where you are, you cannot know how far you have to go or how long it will take to get there. Know where you are in your journey towards superior management systems. Know how your organization measures on the maturity and continual improvement scale. FPG’s ISO audits are conducted by a Senior Lead Auditor with 30+ years of experience in Process Management, Project Management, Process Improvement and Optimization, Quality Management, Risk Management, Information Architecture, and Information Management.


FPG understands the importance of delivering services that meet and exceed the quality demanded of a wide array of organizations.



FPG is capable of assisting your organization on your terms, with minimal interruption to your standard business activities.



FPG is dedicated to delivering the services your organization needs, when and where your organization requires.



FPG is the partner your organization can depend on for honesty, accuracy, fairness, objectivity and confidentiality.