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Quality Management Systems (QMS)

ISO 9001 is a standard for developing and implementing an effective Quality Management System (QMS), which requires that the needs and expectations of customers are determined, a quality policy is established, resources to attain quality objectives are provided, methods for process measurement are established, process efficiency and effectiveness is determined, a means to prevent nonconformity is determined, and a process for continually improving the QMS is applied. ISO9001 is one of the most well known Quality Management Systems in the world with over one million companies worldwide, it has become the globally adopted quality management system. An ISO certification certifies a particular QMS or EMS with the ISO defined model. ISO certification has become a hallmark of assurance for customers about a particular company’s ability to provide its goods and services in a competent, compliant and organized system. It involves streamlining of business operations to be efficient for the purposes of prompt and reliable product delivery and at the same time, maintaining records that operations are in compliance with customer, legal and regulatory regulations.
With highly qualified QMS, EMS and occupation, health and safety professionals in our organization, we construct and implement an integrated program that takes into account various aspects of management systems. Our comprehensive approach for implementation of QMS, by advice and training, leads to ISO and other certifications. We can work out a feasible quality management strategy for your organization in the most resourceful and economical manner.
Quality Management System Requirements
FPG Auditors can assist organizations that are seeking to become certified to ISO9001. FPG Quality Associates can provide gap analysis/pre-assessments, internal audit service, on-site training, procedure writing, implementation/consulting and other services.
ISO 9001 certification has become a stamp of assurance for customers about a particular company's capacity to offer its products or services in a capable and organized manner and be in compliance with customer and relevant statutory and regulatory requirements. Certification to ISO9001 is a independent confirmation that your organization meets the requirements of ISO9001. Worldwide, over a million organizations are certified to ISO 9001, making ISO9001 one of the most popular management tools being used today. The worldwide use of the standard may be attributed to the requirement of customers requiring their suppliers to hold ISO 9001 certification. Organizations maintaining certification have demonstrated superior return on assets, operational performance, and financial performance compared to otherwise similar organizations without certification to ISO 9001. ISO9001 is general business, management guidelines that fits all businesses. The standard was written in a generalized and abstract way to allow it to fit all businesses and industries. Organizations the embrace ISO9001 as their QMS results in not only customer satisfaction with prompt and reliable product delivery, but at the same time, the organization's documentation is maintained in the most suitable mode for ensuring compliance with regulations.
The basic ISO 9001 program calls for a quality system that promotes development, implementation and improvement of the effectiveness of quality management system. ISO 9001 certification is sought by many organizations and K&S Quality Associates can assist you in preparing for certification. Some of the services that we provide for implementing an effective QMS include gap analysis, internal ISO 9001 audit services, procedure writing, on-site training, consultancy and other services.